Write an essay about your club activities following the guidelines below.

Do you belong to any club?
What is it?
Is it a sports team or a culture club?
Is it an on-campus club or somthing outside school?
What is the name of your team or club?
Is it strong or well-known?

Who are the members?
Are they all students of your school?
What is the ratio of male and female members?
How many members are there in total?
Are they all active members?
Do you get together with them on other occasions outside of campus?

How often do you meet?
What kind of activities do you do in regular meetings?
What part (position, role) do you play there?
How long is one training (study) session?
Do you get very tired after the practice?
Do you have an adviser? Who is it? Is he/she a teacher?

What is the immediate goal of your group?
What is the ultimate goal of your group?
What hurdles must be cleared in order for you all to reach those goals?

What is the most joyful or satisfactory moment during the club activities?
What is the most disgusting or tiresome moment during the club activities?
What have you learned from the club activities?
Did you ever get hurt during the club activities?

What do your parents say about your joining the club?
Have you ever had a moment when you almost decided to quit the club?