Music Club

I belong to the music club of our school. It is called the Maebit's Players. We have the pop and rock band section, the brass band section, and the orchestra section in this club. Each section has more or less 30 members. The orchestra has the most female students, the brass band comes in the middle, and the pop & rock is mostly men. I belong to the pop and rock section, so I write about this group.

We meet every Tuesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon at a small studio in the club house. We practice playing individually for the first one hour or so, then we practice together as bands for about two hours each day. I'm in a hard rock band called Naked Angels, and I'm on the vocal. We have a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboard player, and a drummer. We copy some tunes from classic hard rock heroes like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple as practice, but we also try to compose our own songs and play them before audiences.

Our immediate goal is to hold a concert at Maebashi Municipal Concert Hall in summer. We are practicing hard for that. All six rock bands in our group are planing to play there. It is going to be the first experience for all of us to play in front of a big audience. We hope many people will come to our concert.

Our ultimate goal is to win the grand prix at the Rockers Amateur Band Contest, produce a CD album, then give a great concert at Budokan.

My parents don't want me to join the music club, but I love this club. I feel so good when I'm jamming with other players. Nothing can take this joy from me.