Introduce your college according to the following guidelines.

What is the name of the college that you go to?
Does it have a nickname or a short name?
Where is it located?
When was it founded?
What kinds of programs (courses) does it have? Any junior college (two-year) program, graduate program, doctoral program, recurrent program, open university program, teacher education program?
What department do you belong to?
Is there a specialized field of study for you?
How many days a week do you go to college?
Describe your college campus. What buildings and other facilities are there on campus?
Are you satisfied with the campus? What do you want to add to the present campus?

What clubs and sports teams are active or popular in your college? Do you play on or cheer for any of those sports teams?

Who is your academic counselor or professor in charge?
What is his/her area of research?
How often do you visit his/her office?
What do you discuss most with him/her?

Where do you eat your lunch and/or supper?
What do you think of the food served there?

What do you wish for the administration of your college to change about your college?