I'm a student at Maebashi Institute of Technology in Gunma. It is located between Komagata and Shinmaebashi on the JR Ryomo Line. It's only 10 minutes from JR Maebashi station on a bus or a taxi. You can walk for 25 minutes if you want to save money. Maebit (the school's short name, and pronounced "may-bit") was originally founded in 1952 as a junior college and it evolved into a four-year college in 1997. Today there are some 700 students in both the junior college and the four-year undergraduate school. This is a public school run by the city government.

Our school offers two sets of programs, the day course and the evening course. Students can choose whichever suits their conveniences best from those two courses. Another characteristic point of our school is a low student/teacher ratio. Many lessons here are taught in small-sized classes.

I'm in the Department of Information Engineering. My field of study is Robotics. I'm at school 4 days a week, from Monday through Friday except Wednesday. The first period begins at 9:30 a.m., which is rather late, and the last period of the day course ends at 4:55 p.m. The classes for the evening course begin at 5:45 p.m. and ends at 8:50 p.m.

Maebit's campus is not very large but it has a lot of flowerbeds and plants. On campus there are the library, the club building, sports fields, the student union hall, the laboratory building, and many other facilities. Our department building lies in the northwest corner of campus. This building was built about five years ago, and everything is still new in this building.

There are many clubs, but I'm not a member of any club. One of my friends is a member of the Tennis Club in which there are 5 members. They have an office in the club building. They practice every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. They are hoping to make it into the best 8 in the coming intercollegiate tournament. Their advisor is Professor Watanabe.

I like my college. I have already made some very good friends and we're enjoying our school life.