My daily life

I usually get up at around six o'clock in the morning. I wash my face, brush my teeth, change clothes, and eat breakfast which my mother prepares. I get ready for school and leave home at seven fifteen.

I walk to the nearby Isesaki station and catch the 7:30 inbound train for Tokyo. I get off at Maebashi station and change to a Nagai bus to school. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes.

I go to school Monday through Friday. I enjoy my school life, though I have a few very tough classes. I always eat lunch at the school cafeteria with my friends.

After class I go to the club room and join the other members of the Japanese History club. We meet everyday and discuss how we should interpret different history books on Japan.

As I finish with the club activities, I go to a sports gym in downtown Maebashi before I head for home. I enjoy an hour of workout there. It's become part of my routine.

At home I prepare a dinner for myself .(I arrive home too late for the regular dinner time.) I study about two hours for the next day classes, then I go to bed around midnight.

On weekends, I get together with my friends from high school and go to Takasaki for shopping most of the time. After browsing through a few shops, we go to a movie. We both enjoy seeing a sci-fi movie. Finally, we end up in a favorite karaoke studio singing to our hearts' content.

I'm quite satisfied with my daily life.