My future dreams

After graduating from this college, I hope to seek an advanced degree at a graduate school. Any school is fine with me, but if Maebit has added to itself a graduate course by the time I graduate, I will certainly apply for the course, for I'm very proud of and believing in the faculty here.

After finishing my study in college, I will look for a job in housing industry. I want to become an architectural drafter, one who draws plans for houses and buildings. I will work very hard and eventually become independent. My future goal is to have my own design studio. I will employ some talented architects, get as many clients as possible, manage the whole business, and makea big fortune someday.

I will also try to enter some of the internationally renowned architectural design competitions. It will be a dream-come-true moment if I win the Golden Architect Award.

I want to get married with a beautiful woman like Namie Amuro. We will have a mansion built on a hill in a nice suburb area looking over the Tokyo bay. The house will have 20 bedrooms with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. It also has a large basement, which is a recreation room (playroom) with a ping-pong table, a pool table, a karaoke system, and a mini bar.

We will have a big family with five children at least. On every Saturday evening, we will enjoy a barbecue in the backyard. We will invite many famous people to the party. We will go on a picnic, or play basketball on Sundays. In the garage, we keep expensive cars like Ferrarri, Mercedes, and Porch, and we go on a drive when the weather is nice.

Since my boyhood, I've had a dream of traveling around the world. I will definitely make this dream come true before I retire from work. I will buy a big cruiser ship, take my whole family on board, and start off for a dream voyage around the entire world. We will stop by at any ports with nice restaurants or other attractions, and enjoy ourselves to our hearts' content.

However, God only knows if I could make such a big success in my life. I just have to keep studying as hard as I can to see what is in store in my life.