I come from a big family. My family is made up of eight people (plus one pet rabbit). They are my parents, my grand parents, two elder brothers, one little sister, and myself. We all live together under one roof in a farm house in Fujimi village.

My grand parents had been both farmers but now they are retired. They are enjoying playing gateball everyday. My father is a civil servant. He is an electrical engineer at a local power generating plant. My mother works part-time at a nearby department store. My eldest brother is a doctor (pediatrician) and the second brother is pursuing his doctorate degree in economics at Keiko University. My little sister is now a student at Takasaki commercial high school.

We get along very well and I think our family holds good reputation among our neighbors. We are very cooperative to any volunteer activity in the community. This is what I am proud of about my family.

There is one thing I don't like about my family. They are too nosy. They stick their nose into any personal matters, like my girl friends and how I spend my allowances. I want them to leave me alone and stop meddling about my personal business. I'm a grown man.

Our family tradition is to watch the NHK Red and White Song Battle program together on the new year's eve. I really don't care which team wins, but I just want to make my parents and grand parents happy by simply sitting there and pretend as if I were enjoying the program.

I like my family. I think they are very precious to me. If I live apart from them, I'd certainly miss them very much.