My best friend

I have many good friends, but my best friend is Takayuki Yoda. Takayuki is 27 years old and lives in Isesaki City in Gunma prefecture. I first met him in high school. The first time I met him I thought he was very aggressive, but he turned out to be a friendly guy. He now works at an elementary school as a teacher.

Takayuki is 1 meter 75 centimeters tall and weighs ? kilos ( I guess he weighs about 60 kilos ). He looks a little like Shingo Katori of SMAP . He must be a good teacher. He majored in education at St. Paul's university. He had long hoped to be a school teacher and his hope came true.

Takayuki's hobbies are collecting watches named G-Shock, listening to music, driving, and so on. His favorite group of artists is Spits. He lives at home with his brother and his mother ( his father died from heart failure 10 years ago ). His mother runs an ironworks and his brother helps her.

Takayuki and I like to go shopping together on weekends. We both like hip-hop fashion. That's about the only similarity between us, strange to say. We are all different on all other aspects. He is tall but I'm short. He is outgoing but I'm inhabited. He's artistic but I have no talent in arts. We are so different, yet we get along very well with each other. We respect each other's personality, and we almost never quarrel.

My mother always speak highly of him and I sometimes become jealous of him. He's truly a nice guy and I believe he will stay that way for ever. I think Takayuki and I will keep good company for the rest of our lives.