I was born on the 31st of August, 1969 in a small town of Abiko in Ibaraki prefecture. Right after my birth, my whole family moved to Ikaho, Gunma, because my father was then transferred to a branch office there.

When I was six, I entered Ikaho Elementary School. I stayed there for six years, grades 1-6. It was a happy time. I especially remember my 2nd grade teacher Mr. Kuroiwa.@He was a new graduate then, and he was very eager to teach us.

At the age of 12 I entered Ikaho Junior High School. I was there for three years, grades 1-3. My favorite subject was English. I disliked Mathematics.

My high school, located in Gunma, was Shibukawa High School. I was there for three years. I was active in the Swimming Club.

I enjoyed my school days, but maybe I enjoyed them too much. At the end of my high school days, I failed in all of my college entrance examinations. So I had to go to a prep school. I studied very hard there for one year and it finally paid off. I was admitted to this Maebashi Institute of Technology.

I chose this school because it is near from my home and the tuition here is far from expensive. My parents are glad about my decision. Of course I like the program here. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I am especially interested in Architectural Designing.