Hello. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Saburo Maebashi. I'm 27 years old, a freshman at Maebashi Institute of Technology. My major is Architecture.

I was born in Ikaho town in Gunma Prefecture, but now I live at home in Maebashi city. It takes me 20 minutes to go to school by car.

I'm a member of the fitness club. My hobbies are swimming, gardening and listening to music. Ilike to listen to various kinds of music except hard rock. I especially like club music (except Euro Beat) and classical music. Massive Attack is my favorite group of artists (I'm afraid you don't know this group, but they create very abstract and profound music). My favorite type of food is Italian, and my favorite color is green. I like movies, too. Jean-Luc Godard is my favorite director.

I like all subjects offered at this college, but I'm poor at English. Please bear with my poor English. This term I'm taking several courses, including Structural Mechanics for Architecture and Architectural Designing. I enjoy learning these subjects.

Let me tell you about my academic history. When I was six, I entered the Ikaho Elementary School. I stayed there for six years, grades 1-6. It was a happy time. I especially remember my 2nd grade teacher Mr. Kuroiwa.@He was a new graduate then, and he was very eager to teach us. At the age of 12 I entered the Ikaho Junior High School. My favorite subject was English. I disliked Mathematics. My high school, located in Gunma, was Shibukawa High School. I was there for three years. I was active in the Swimming Club. I enjoyed my school days.

My weekend begins on Saturday night, because I have an evening class in Architectural Designing, my hardest class in on this term. After school I often talk with my classmates. It's a time I really feel relaxed. After that, I have dinner with my family. We usually open a bottle of wine (my parents patiently wait for me every evening to drink with me). Then I listen to music or watch TV and I stay up late.

On Sunday morning I sleep until ten o'clock. I stay in my bed for a while, and then I have breakfast. If the weather is good, I take care of plants in my garden, or go to the fitness club. If the weather is bad, I stay home and listen to music or read books or do my homework. I study in the early morning or around midnight. I must do my homework for Architectural Designing everyday. My first class of the week is Physical Chemistry and it begins at 7:20 P.M. on Monday.