Write an essay on part-time job following the guidelines below.

Do you have a part-time job or full-time job?
What is it?
Where do you work at?
What exactly do you do at work? Describe your duties.
How did you get to know the job opening?

When do you work?
How many hours do you work on each day?
When do you report for work?
When do you get off work?

How much wages do you earn per hour?
How much monthly salary do you earn?
When is the payday?

Is the atmosphere at your workplace hard and busy or comfortable and relaxing?
Are your colleagues all friendly?
Do you think your job easy or hard? Tell me why.

Do you like the job?
What is the most difficult side of your job?
What is the most fun and rewarding part of your job?
Is the job physically tough?
What benefits (free meals, free karaoke singing, free tickets, etc.) do you get with the job?
Do you recommend the job to your friends?

Have you learned something (any lesson) from your job?
How does the job affect your studies at college?

What do you plan to use the money you earned for? Save, spend, or give?
Do you plan to continue the job, or are you going to quit soon?