My part-time job

I'm working part-time as a tutor. Tutors are private home teachers and it is a very popular job among Japanese college students. I found the job on the placement bulletin board at our school.

I teach mathematics and English to a junior high school student on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. I pay visits to his house in Komagata-machi on my motorcycle. I teach two hours with a ten-minute tea break in the middle.

My student Takuro is a brilliant student, and he is very eager to study. It is fun to teach him. My most satisfactory moment is when Takuro studies so hard and get a full score on a school test. On the contrary, my job gets really tough when he never seems to understand my instructions. I've learned that teaching others what you already know is not easy.

My hourly wages are 4,000 yen, which is very good for a college student. I earn more or less 35,000 yen a month including the transportation allowances. On top of that, one big benefit of this job is that I get a free meal each evening I teach. I go to Takuro's house around 7 o'clock and his mother serves me a nice meal. I eat to my stomachful.

Another job I take is a floor assistant at a nearby pachinko (pinball) parlor. I work there on Saturdays for eight straight hours. My duties include wiping the floor, delivering balls to the customers, operate on the register machine, answering phones, delivering food and drinks, and so forth. It's a very tough job, and I get very tired after a day's work. I hate this job because it's always noisy and hectic, but it's also a good-paying job, so I cannot quit. I always look forward to receive 50,000 yen on the payday, which is the last day of a month.

Part of the money I earn goes to my school tuition. Another small portion is spent on my daily expenses. The rest I'm saving for a big dream. When my savings reach one million yen, I want to go to Europe to see many historical ruins. I'm very interested in European history.