Research Project 6

You are going to write a brief research paper using the Internet. Pick someone who is of great interest to you. He/she has to be a non-Japanese who is living (or had lived) outside of Japan. Once you decided on a person, make a question about him/her, and that becomes your topic. Do the search on the topic of your choice via the Internet and find answers to the question. (As the last resort, you may go to books in some libraries.) Avoid looking into information in Japanese. Always try to use English. Write a two-page (or more) essay in English on the topic, following the guidelines below.


  1. Decide on a person. (Don't copy the ones of your friends.)
  2. Make a question about him/her, starting with WH- words such as What, Why, How, etc.
  3. Print this page, fill in and cut the project memo below, and turn it in to the teacher.
  4. Write a paper including at least two quotations from different information sources.
  5. When you cite people's opinions or web page descriptions, make sure each citation is well documented including its URL or publication details. Also, be careful not to garble the citation with your own words. In other words, make clear distinction between a cited text and your original text. (Read the Style Sheet for how to cite a passage from online documents.)

Some examples of research topics (Please do not make your choice from this list.)

What made Wright brothers fly across the Atlantic Ocean?
What influence did General Douglas MacArthur made to Japan when it adopted Western-style democracy?
When did Frank Lloyd Write come up with his unique ideas for new architectural design?
Why did Osama bin Laden move to Afghanistan?
Where did Napoleon find the famous Rosetta Stone?
How did Bill Gates become so rich and famous?

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