A List of Abbreviations Frequently Used in E-mail.

Diamond Codes
AFAIK as far as I know <g> grin
AKA also known as <jk> just kidding
approx. approximately <l> laugh
ASAP as soon as possible <nc> no comment
BAC by any chance <s> sigh
B4 before <> no comment
BK because <snip> document curtailed
BRB be right back <EOF> end of file, end of message
BTW by the way
COD cash on delivery
CC carbon copy Special Symbols
CU see you *italics* italics
CUL see you later _underlined_ underlined
dba doing business as # number
ea. each
EOF end of file
F2F face to face
FWD forward
FYI for your information
GA go ahead :-) smile, happy
HAND have a nice day :-( frown, sad
HHOK ha ha only kidding :-II angry
>:-( angry
IAC in any case :-@ screaming
IOW in other words ;-D laughing
IDK I don't know ;-o shock
IMO in my opinion ;-) wink
IMHO in my humble opinion :'-( sob, crying
inc. including, included ;-* kiss
NN2R no need to reply 8-) smily with glasses
OTOH on the other hand :=I baboon, foolish
Re: regarding :~( sobbing
Res. response
ROM read only member (on a mailing list)
RSVP repondez s'il vous plait :-O shouting
RTFM read the "friendly" mannual
TCB trouble came back :-V shouting
TIA thanks in advance :-r sticking the tongue out
TNKU thank you :-P sticking the toungue out
TNX thanks >_< oh, no!
WB welcome back 0_0/~ see you!
WTG way to go
4U for you
2U to you
Abbs. for
chat and
Abb.s for
irl in real life 1K 1,000
brb be right back 1MM 1,000,000
lol laugh out loud RFQ request for quotation
roflol rolling on the floor laughing out loud P.O. purchase order
sic as is A/B actual/budget
re re hi, Hi again Div. division
ttyl talk to you later Rev. revenue