My family

This is me and Keiko on our wedding. We were so young. Good old days -- they seem to be so far away now.

This is my wife Keiko. She is always prepared for a fight. She is a tough woman, as the saying goes: Gunma women enslave their husbands. You'd better keep away from a Gunma woman. (This is all joke)

This is our daughter Irene. She was born on Feb. 7, 1996. She is such an apple in the eye. She suffered from a trouble called Pierre Robin Syndrome when she was born, but she has amazingly recovered from it, and now she is full of energy. We thank many people around the world who gave us prayers and moral supports concerning her defects. Her name Irene means "A Messenger of Peace" in Greek and "Love thy neighbor" in Japanese and Chinese. We hope, as her parents, that she will grow to live up to her name.

The Harashima Family