My Guitar Collection

1 Fullertone Stratocaster 2014

This guitar by Fullertone Japan is a special hand-crafted guitar produced by the famous guitar craftman Chiaki Tanaka. The guitar looks old, but it actually is a new guitar. The rusty look was done on purpose. The three pickups are all Tall G's and they create those vintage Fender sounds. I believe this is a perfect replica of old Fender Stratocaster. This is my ace guitar right now.
2 50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Series Stratocaster 2004

This guitar by Fender USA is a special limited issue to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the stratocaster. Incredibly pure, clear, and clean vintage stratocaster sound generated by 3 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups engineered by Fender and Bill Laurence. This guitar can create a wide variety of sounds with its special S-1 switching system. This gear can swirl, quack, ring, cut, and drive. A real versatile and perfect-sounding guitar, and this one does it all! My best Fender for sure.


Fender StratoCaster Jeff Beck Signature Model 2001

Superb sound from the original ceramic noise-less single-coil
pickups found with no other than this model.

Excellent for rock, fusion, jazz and blues. This guitar gives out that Jeff Beck sounds you all adore.

Precision tremolo arm action.
3 Legend StratoCaster

Vintage single-coil pickups give that dry old 
stratocaster sounds. The famous half tone will thrill you.
4 Fender Lite Ash Telecaster 2005

The solid ash body is light weight and gives you superb sustain.
The neck is a beatiful bird-eye with perl inlay. The two pickups are both Seymour Duncun Alnico Pro II, which make the cranky, bright and pure telecaster sounds even more clean and crisp. Your finger 
touch is reflected directly to the output. So you got to have a  precise picking. This guitar tests a player if he is really good or a common place.

Perfect for country, pop, and blues.
5 Gibson Les Paul Standard Classic Plus 1999

Superb tiger-stripe body.

The front pickup is changed to Seymour Duncun Alnico Pro II
humbacking, and the rear pickup is changed to Dimarzio Air Classic.
Those two pickups give you the vintage clear and warm LP sounds. 
Excellent for rock, pop, jazz and blues.
6 Yamaha SG
The rear pickup is changed to Dimarzio PAF.

Excellent for fusion, and rock.
Ibanez GB-10 George Benson Signature Model


Original mini-ham floating pickups will give you almost any sound
you want. The guitar is so versatile. It suits to jazz, fusion, bules,
and you can even rock with it. Once you hold it you would surely want to play and scat like George Benson.
7 Gibson ES-335 Dot model Tabaco Sunburst

The classic 57 pickups will give you the fat and warm vintage Gibson humbacker sounds. Excellent neck structure and the way it is joined to the body will allow you amazingly easy fingering. It's so easy to play that you wouldn't want to play any other guitar after playing it.

The guitar suits almost any genre of music: jazz, blues, fusion, rock, 
pops, you name it. It gives you great variety of tones with long sustain. 
The balance of each string is excellent. Also, it reflects effector sounds so well.

This is one versatile guitar you want to take to any gig or recording.
8 Gibson ES-330 Custom Shop '08

This has been my dream guitar! I have long wanted to have this hollow body thin line with vintage P-90 single-coiled pickups. Gibson stopped producing this guitar in the early '70s, and now it has become one of the "vintage" guitars being out of reach of most players. Gibson decided to reproduce this guitar as a limied edition through its Custom Shop channels for 2008 and 2009. I'm among the lucky few who could buy this very valuable guitar.

The guitar is very light and very easy to play. The sound is so pure, natural and straight. It has the vintage Gibson sounds, but it can make tele- or strato- like sounds, too. It covers from T. Bone, country music, Rockabilly, surfin, Beatles, and above all, Yes! that Jazzy + Funky Grant Green! The pronoun player of 330.

I just fell in love with this guitar, and amazingly, this guy doesn't cause feedback howling at all!
9 Ibanez Pat Metheny Signature Model Thinline

This guitar is amazingly smooth and melow and gorgeous! It doesn't have any weak points. It's perfect for Jazz and fusion and the playability is in a superb level. You can reach high position frets just as easily as 335.

I just love the clean, fat, and warm sound it makes.
10 Ovation 1990 Anniversary Model
Beautiful bird-eye body

Excellent for unplugged jazz and fusion. Also you can take it to folk and blues jams.
11 Yamaha folk guitar FG-180
Good for old folk music of 60s and 70s.
A Fender CyberTwin digital modeling amplifier

This is the Fender flagship model -- CyberTwin.
This is a digital modeling amp which can create almost all kinds of guitar amps on the market. It is not only a digital gadget you might think; but it also has two Groove Tubes, which create that fat and warm tube screaming distortion sound. It is so versatile and this all-in-one package amplifier will satisfy your needs for any amplifier.
B Fender Hot Rod Delux 3 amplifier

This is a new version, version 3 of Hot Rod series. It has super clean channel and cranky distortion channel as well as dirty and peaky super distortion channel. I like the clean channel best. With version 3, the speaker was changed to Celestion which gives crystal clear high tone. This amp is best for country, blues, and rock, but it even suits Jazz well with its clear channel.
JuggBox MicroJugg guitar amplifier with Yamaha digital reverbe

This is one of the early mini-tube amps. It still gives you that fat and warm tube sounds. I use this amp most often at home.

C Aria Pro II AG-10 mini guitar amplifier

This mini amp gives you both crystal clear and distortion sounds. I use this amp for practice almost everyday.