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JALT Gunma AGM 2009 Minutes (November 8)


  1. Reports from the Officers


Michele Steele reported that she was asked by Joyce Cunningham, who writes the “Grass Roots” article in the Language Teacher to write a report on: “The Secrets to Gunma JALT’s success.”

Hideto Harashima and Michele Steele will be representing Gunma JALT at the Executive Board Member’s Meeting (EBM).

Program Chair: 

Barry Keith reported that this year we had some renown educators come out to speak at Gunma JALT, such as John Fanselow and Kensaku Yoshida.

Barry invited local chapter members to present the results of their research at a Gunma JALT meeting.

Publicity Chair:

Not present, therefore no report.

Membership Chair:

Yoko Kamo reported 3 points:

1.      There are 53 regular (national) members and 4 local members. A little less than last year.

  1. Last month’s meeting (October) was a big success. Twenty-nine people attended including 9 students from Gunma University.
  2. Since January 12 people renewed or joined (4 new members and 8 renewals).

Membership has decreased slightly from last year, probably because the Niigata chapter of JALT has started up again, so they took back some of their members. Also, some local members haven’t renewed their membership yet.


Mr. Shibayama was away, so the report was given by Hideto Harashima.

Recording Secretary:

Harry Meyer said there was nothing to report.

Newsletter Chair:

Hideto Harashima reported that Mr. Shibayama told him he’s going to finish up another edition of the Speakeasy newsletter early next year.

Facilities Chair:

Ikue has started to charge 2500 yen to use their rooms; therefore, we will no longer be using their facilities.

Alternative venues to Kyoai and MIT were suggested.

Possible venues include:

Kyoai College is the only venue close to a station and having ample parking.

Social Chair

Discussed 2009 year-end party in December. It was proposed and aproved that we will not have a party this year, and have a formal dinner in stead, in remembrance of a loss of our member this year.

Web-site Chair:

Hideto Harashima said there was nothing to report.


Co-Presidents: Michele Steele, and Hideto Harashima

Membership Co-chairs: Yoko Kamo, Junko Hoshino

Program Co-chairs: Barry Keith, Natsue  Nakayama, Hisatake Jimbo,

                                   Morijiro  Shibayama

Publicity Co-chairs: Rieko Nakajima, Yoshitaka Kaneko, Akiko Jimbo

Co-Treasurers: Morijiro Shibayama, Kumiko Shoda

Recording Secretaries: Harry Meyer, Lori-Ann Derosiers, Tim Soper, Rebekah

Facilities Co-chairs: Wayne Pennington, Hideto Harashima

Social Co-chairs: Yoko Miyazaki

Newsletter editor: Morijiro Shibayama,

Web-page editor: Hideto Harashima, John Larson (?)


Reported by Harry Meyer

JALT Gunma AGM Report

October 26, 2008


  1. Reports from the Officers

Michele Steele reported that she and Barry Keith had attended the executive board meeting (EBM) between JALT chapters and SIGs. Both were in contact with the presidents of neighboring chapters. Steve Quasha talked about how his chapter had worked together with two other chapters to pay for guest speakers.

Professor Morijiro Shibayama mentioned how Gunma JALT had worked together before with Niigata JALT and Tochigi JALT. Shibayama said that Shinshu  (Nagano JALT) is proposing a joint presentation with Gunma JALT.

Barry Keith pointed out that Shinshu is based in Matsumoto, which is far away from Maebashi where Gunma JALT is based. Thus, it would be difficult to do a joint presentation at a Nagano venue.

Steve Quasha suggests using Karuizawa to attract visiting foreign academics to Gunma.

Renee Sawazaki suggests a regional conference involving SIGs meeting with chapters.

Program Chair:
Barry Keith reports that last year Gunma JALT had 9 monthly meetings, a summer seminar, and an end of year party.


Publicity Chair:
Rieko Nakajima was not present. Renee Sawazaki says Rieko faxes information to high schools and junior-high schools, and places ads in newspapers and magazines advertising JALT Gunma. Renee’ says she has been sending out e-mails to members. Currently she has 54 members on her e-mail list. She wants to send out posters as attachments to members to have them do public relations.

Membership Chair:
Yoko Kamo reports that JALT Gunma has 30members. (Gunma residents)

Morijiro Shibayama reports on JALT Gunma’s finances.

Account Balance:               392,578 yen.

Reserve Liabilities:            90,000

Cash:                                10,000

                    Total:                                    492,578

Steve Quasha explains that JALT National automatically removes money when chapter assets reach 500,000 yen. This is because, as NPOs Chapters are restricted in how much money they can have and still be non-profit.

Recording Secretary:
Harry Meyer reports that recording is behind. There are 2 reports already submitted waiting to be published in the next issue of The Language Teacher. If one of the reports is not published in the next issue Meyer will contact Heather Sparrow and make inquiries.

News Letter Chair

Morijiro Shibayama apologizes for being late with the 2007 edition of The Speakeasy. He issues a call for papers, setting November 30 as the deadline for the 2008 edition of The Speakeasy.

Facilities Chair
Hideto Harashima reports that in addition to MIT and Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College, a third venue for JALT Gunma has been obtained, Ikuei Tanki Daigaku. Barry Keith reports that Gunma University will charge 5,000 yen to JALT Gunma each time it uses the facilities. Therefore, JALT Gunma will no longer use Gunma University as a venue.

Social Chair
Yoko Ishida reports that she provided tea, coffee, and snacks at each meeting. Masami Kogure was in charge of the Christmas party last year and is again this year; however, Kogure’s status as an officer of JALT Gunma is in question due to absence.

Web-site Chair:
Hideto Harashima reports that he is putting each monthly event onto the JALT Gunma web-site. JALT Gunma received praise this year from another chapter regarding our site. We should be proud. Harashima has started uploading the posters Barry Keith has been making to the web-site. Members can now download the poster file and print it with a color printer.



Calls are made for self-nomination, but no-one responds.


·        Shibayama nominates Michele Steele and Hideto Harashima for president.


·        Consensus is then made on voting up or down on the slate of officers.


·        The following are the result for the 2008 -2009 JALT Gunma Officer Election:



Presidents: same


Program Chair: same


Publicity Chair: Status of Rieko Nakajima is uncertain. She has been absent for a considerable time and may not be able to continue as an officer. Rene’ Sawazaki is stepping down and will be replaced by Yoshitaka Kaneko of Ikuei Tanki Daigaku.


Membership Chair: Yoko Kamo


Treasurer: Morijiro Shibayama, Yutaka Fujieda, Natsue Nakayama, Kazuhiko Iino


Recording Secretaries: Harry Meyer, Rebeka Ishida, Lori-Ann Derosiers, Sarah Carter.


Newsletter: Morijiro Shibayama.


Facilities Chair: Hideto Harashima, Wayne Pennington, Yoshitaka Kaneko


Social Chair: Yoko Ishida,


Web-site Chair: Hideto Harashima. 



A: Plans for 2009.





B:  Moved and agreed that student fees should be zero and will apply to students who come from  overseas.

C:  Moved and agreed that first time participants not be charged fees.

D:  Moved and agreed that transportation fee ceiling be lifted.

E:  Moved and agreed that JALT Gunma will donate some 50,000 yen to the Asian

      Youth Forum (AYF).

F:  Christmas party set at Well-City in Maebashi (if available). Tentative date: Saturday

      December 6, 2008.


Reported by Harry Meyer

Highlights from last year:

1)      Professor Shibayama announces that the Speakeasy will go ahead and publish the 2006 edition, after finally getting permission form Dr. Grabe and Dr. Stoller to publish their work.

2)   Renee’ requests that everyone help her update the mailing list.

3)   Michele discusses transparency in JALT

5)  Hideto informs the chapter that it must close it’s account at Japan Post because of it’s privatization. A new account will be opened at Shinsei Ginko as this bank has been selected by JALT National.

6) The annual JALT Gunma Christmas Party will be held on Saturday December 8,  2007. Individuals should contact Masami Kogure for details before November 30.

Highlights from previous year:

- New constitution is approved unanimously by the body of Gunma JALT.
- Terms of office for Gunma JALT Officers extended in principle to 2 years - Officers who cannot continue for the full 2 year term may resign from their positions after giving notice to the Presidents of Gunma JALT. New elections will then be held for that position.
- Summer Seminar - a 3,000 yen non-refundable deposit will be required from those registering for the Summer Seminar.
- Students who join Gunma JALT as local members will not be charged membership fees.
- Venues - The Kiriyu campus of Gunma University will be added to the Gunma JALT venues.
- Saturday meetings will be made possible if conditions allow.

Call for contributions

For the Jalt-Gunma Summer Workshop in August, we invite presenters who can present some new ideas or research results in language teaching/learning. Or you can just share your experience in regard to language teaching. Don't be bashful. Take this opportunity as a good chance to make yourself known to the Jalt-Gunma circle. Contact our presidents or program chairs now!

Also, if you want to write an article for our newsletter "SpeakEasy", feel free to contact the editor Morijiro Shibayama.