Car Pools & Travel Partners Information

Somebody wants to attend a monthly meeting, summer workshop, the Christmas party, or national conference, but he/she doesn't have a car.

That's a problem!

Somebody wants to go traveling around Gunma, Japan, or abroad during the vacation but wouldn't want to go alone. He/she would like to have a travel partner.

That sounds like fun!

This is a bulletin board for such people. If you need or can provide a car pool, or need a travel partner, please post the information here by mailing to the webmaster. Let's get together and share the pleasure of traveling.

For JALT 2005 Conference

Harashima will leave Takasaki on Shinkansen at 7 pm on Friday. He will be staying at Hoteru Aabanto Shizuoka. Let's get together firends!

For JALT CALL 2000 Conference on Computers and Language Learnig in Tokyo
June 10-11 '00

Hideto Harashima (027-266-7101) will leave Takasaki for Tokyo by car around 6 P.M Friday 9th.. Anybody interested in going together?
I can give one person a lift.

For Kusatsu Workshop 2004

Our family leave Maebashi on Sunday morning and come back after lunch on Monday. We can take ONE person in our car, either to or from Kusatsu, or both. Anybody interested should call Mr. Hideto Harashima at 027-266-7101(hm) or 027-265-7327(wk).