Language Laboratory of Old Times

The Maebit Language Lab was designed to be an unconventional and advanced exercise room and class room. To take full advantage of recent developments in education-oriented technology, this language lab is providing an integrated system of audio-visual-electronic information exchange. It is a mixed-media LL, where students are encouraged to exploit a free and sumultaneous access to audio, visual, and electronic information.

The entire system includes three subsystems: an audio-active-comparative style oral-aural communication system with cassette decks and intercoms, a video monitor system, and a computer network system. A feature of the lab is the network of notebook computers, with which students can process ideas utilizing audio-visual input and data, and exchange texts and files with others via a file server. They can also exchange information with computers by using interactive software and a sound interface device. The Internet access line is connected to the room, so the students can utilize the abundant language learning resources all over the world.

A speech sound analyzer is brought in to show the students their voice patterns and pitch contours. With the Internet communication system in the lab, students can enjoy accessing to databases and E-mailing to people around the world.

A student is working on a dictation practice.

A student is self-learning on an English conversation software program.

Students are interviewing each other with a questionaire on the computer screen to fill out.

Students are having a group discussion.