CALLL Design

CALLL = Computer Lab + Language Learning Lab
CL = a lab with (netwoked) computers which enables CAI

LLL = a lab where students can learn foreign languages with clear audio/visual input

CALLL = a lab where students can learn foreign languages through a variety of integrated media

CALL Key Words


A variety of media input -- texts, sounds, graphics, motion pictures -- can be presented in an integrated way. Ideally, such different media input should be able to be tapped easily and seamlessly on one interface, namely computer desktop.


Information should never go only one way from an instructor to learners. There should be enough instructor-to-learners and peer-to-peer exchanges of information. Lab activities should at least partially be based on interactions among the people inside, and possibly with people outside, of the lab.


Each study station (terminal) is networked with other stations through the Internet. Learners should be able to access to abundant resources in the outside world and to communicate with countless people via the Internet.

Learner-centered Approach

The lab should allow each learner to set their own objectives of learning, to decide how they go about learning, to select the best-suited materials, and to evaluate the progress. Thus learners are expected to elevate their motivation to learn.

Learner Autonomy

Learners should be allowed to plan the course of learning, and to manage the process of learning by themselves.

Media Literacy

Learners should be guided to become familiar not only with the operations of machines, but also with network morals and ethics, copy rights, and wise judgement on and selection of media information.